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2021 Albany Education Hall of Fame Inductees

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Al Baker and his van were a frequent sight on the streets of Albany for nearly 30 years, transporting Special Education students to various school sites. He provided a safe environment for students with an amazing amount of care, support and dedication.

Alan Riffer

For many years Alan Riffer served as the AEF treasurer, as well as two terms as a School Board member. Alan set up the financial structures and procedures that established AEF as a well functioning non-profit.

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Alexia Ritchie

Alexia Ritchie has served in many roles in Albany: teacher and principal at Marin, MacGregor High, and Albany High School. She is now the Executive Director of Student Services for all of Albany USD. Alexia has been invaluable for last year of COVID, distance learning, and many unforeseen needs.

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Robert Outis

Since our founding, Robert Outis has helped and guided AEF in many ways. He handles inquiries, supports the legal needs of our foundation, and provides the use of his office for AEF business. His wife, Sally, provided the vision and energy to establish AEF as an Albany institution.

Bob Slous

Bob Slous was known as the "Music Man" to Albany students. Bob took beginner music students and mentored them into talented Jazz Band stars. When district resources were scarce, he ran the entire music program by himself.

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Charlie Blanchard

Charlie Blanchard has volunteered countless hours to Albany schools over the years. Charlie served on the Albany School Board for three terms, chaired the bond measure campaign to build the new swimming pools, and was instrumental in the innovative and environmental pool design. He continues to serve on the Environmental Action Plan committee, which advises the district on lightening their environmental footprint.

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Connie Hubbard

Connie Hubbard served as the Assistant Superintendent, Assistant Principal of AHS, counselor, and MacGregor High Principal. Connie always asked the question, “What is in the best interest of the students?” Her focus on academic excellence as well as the socio-economic development of students.

Mechanics Bank

Mechanics Bank has provided invaluable support and for many years, as well as allowed the AEF board to meet at their offices. AEF appreciates this local institution’s backing.

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Tom Gamba

Tom Gamba was an AMS teacher and the driving force behind the AMS musicals. He organized and gave opportunities to hundreds of students. His magical skills created a new musical every year. In retirement, Tom returned to bring dramatic arts to Ocean View.

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Dee Santos

Dee Santos served AUSD for 30 years in the Maintenance Department, including serving as Director of Maintenance, before recently retiring. Newly retired and much admired.

Dolores Dalton

A founding member of the AEF Board, Dolores Dalton contributed to the legal work of the foundation. She was a leader in bringing music to the West County School District and establishing the Albany Music Fund and Albany Music Boosters.

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Derrick Ford

Derrick Ford has been the lead custodian at Ocean View Elementary School for many years. Derrick embodies the kind of community AUSD strives to create at every campus. Endlessly kind and tremendously helpful, Derrick knows the name of every student at Ocean View and greets them warmly every day. His incredible generosity to the community extends to after hours and weekends, when he often volunteers his time to support the school community at PTA events and projects.

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Dorothe Piluso

Dorothe Piluso is an Albany Super Volunteer. She served on the Cornell PTA board for five years and as the AMS PTA president for three terms. She was instrumental in the creation of the Cornell’s Got Talent Show and AMS’s Cobrachella, an arts and music festival. Dorothe is currently on the AHS PTSA board.

Ebba de la Rosa

Ebba de la Rosa set a high bar for parent volunteering and engagement. She has given hundreds of hours of generously donated time throughout the district. Ebba led the Ocean View PTA as president and contributed to many of the beautification projects on campus. Her dedicated work on multiple parcel tax campaigns helped to pass these vital sources of AUSD funding.

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Ellen Benson

From the moment Ellen Benson sat down at the Marin office desk, “School Secretary” took on an entirely new meaning. With her kind and caring manner, she kept the school running. She was always willing to help everyone -- children, parents, teachers, support staff, custodians, and administrators.

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Francis Chapman

Francis Chapman brought his formidable data crunching skills to bear on multiple parcel tax campaigns and was critical to the efforts to pass these important school funding measures. He has been an instrumental part of the AHS Mountain Bike team, helping the team get its start in 2005 when there were only a handful of high school mountain biking teams. For the past three years Francis has been a manager for the team.

Gail Starr

Gail Starr was the manager of the theater costume program for many years. She was the accompanist for endless rehearsals and was a creative problem solver behind the scenes of the AHS theater program.

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Helen Laird

Helen Laird was a beloved teacher and principal. Helen attended night school to become an administrator at the Vista MacGregor sites. She lived a life with positivity, generosity and care for others.

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Ken Forry

Ken Forry moved to Albany in 1957 to assume the role of Superintendent, which he held until 1973. Ken worked diligently for the State to provide funds for the education of Albany Village students.

Larry Hughes

A graduate of Albany High, Larry Hughes served as an administrator at many sites including AHS and Marin. He was a major force for the success of the Albany Adult School and its contribution to the larger community’s continued education. Larry wore many hats, and was ready to tackle any job.

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Les Rogers

Les Rogers was the AMS and AHS Assistant Principal. He served as a mentor to struggling students and sought opportunities for hands-on vocational studies.

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Maggie Shepherd

Maggie Shepherd began her career as an instructional aide. Over the years she taught many grades but her passion became teaching the kindergarten children. She offered a breadth of experience that enabled each child to learn their strengths. The students and parents looked forward to her annual overnight camping trip in Tilden Park.

Marilyn Chamberlain

Marilyn Chamberlain was an Albany parent pressed into service to return to the classroom after retirement. She brought music into elementary classrooms at Cornell and Marin.  Marilyn also instituted a historical walking tour of Albany for 3rd grade students. She served on the AEF Board for many years.

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Phyllis Giblin

Phyllis Giblin was known as the “Mom” of Mac High. She ensured MacGregor High students were fed by contributing her homemade breakfast treats and she followed up on late or missing  students.

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Stephen Naiff

Stephen Naiff has creatively used AEF grant funds to supervise his Marin students in building their own desks. Stephen helps them to design, decorate, and construct their own desks and when the school year is over, the students take their desks home.

Terry Corpuz

Terry Corpuz was the principal of Albany Middle School when it was first awarded the title of “California Distinguished School.” She helped plan the new middle school building.

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Tyrone Rose

Tyrone Rose was an AHS wrestling champion who returned to Albany High to coach wrestling.  He has taught PE at AMS for many years. Tyrone is a tireless and inspiring coach and role model.

AHS Classes of 2020 and 2021

The AHS Classes of 2020 and 2021 sacrificed the traditional junior- and senior-year activities and camaraderie with classmates. The students of distance learning gained strength and skills navigating the COVID years. Their diligence and optimism will serve them well as they leave AHS for the next chapter in their lives.

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