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Albany Education Foundation


Board Member Job Description

Board members of the Albany Education Foundation (AEF) are volunteers committed to enhancing public education in Albany.

Board member responsibilities:​

  • Actively participate in board meetings and decision-making processes and contribute to developing the organization's strategic plan.

  • Attend and participate in events and activities hosted by the organization.

  • Familiarize yourself with our by-laws and follow your designated responsibilities.

  • Help with fundraising efforts and cultivate relationships with donors and sponsors to support the organization financially.

  • Promote the organization and its mission to your network and the broader community.

  • Support our organization with a direct gift, no matter the size.

  • Help recruit new board members and volunteers, and stay informed about the organization's programs, activities, and challenges.

  • Help identify potential volunteers or funding sources within the community.

  • Provide leadership and advocacy for AEF and its programs in the community.

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